Publications & writing

While I am currently focused on organization and product work, a selection of my work turns into academic publications, or other writing. 


  • Jessie J. Smith, Lex Beattie, Henriette Cramer. Scoping Fairness Objectives and Identifying Fairness Metrics for Recommender Systems: The Practitioners’ Perspective. WWW ’23, May 1–5, 2023, Austin, TX, USA. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 12 pages. DOI
  • Henriette Cramer & Amar Ashar, Lessons Learned from Algorithmic Impact Assessments in Practice, Spotify Engineering Blog, Sept 2022
  • Lex Beattie, Dan Taber, Henriette Cramer, Challenges in Translating Research to Practice for Evaluating Fairness & Bias in Recommendation Systems, RecSys’22 case study, ACM
  • Henriette Cramer, Practical routes in the UX of AI, or sharing more beaten paths, Interactions, Volume 29, Issue 5, September – October 2022, pp 89–91, ACM


  • Alice Wang, Aasish Pappu, Henriette Cramer, Representation of music creators on Wikipedia, differences in gender and genre, pdf.
  • Brianna Richardson, Jean Garcia-Gathright, Samuel F Way, Jennifer Thom, Henriette Cramer, Towards Fairness in Practice: A Practitioner-Oriented Rubric for Evaluating Fair ML Toolkits. CHI’21, pdf.
  • Bogdana Rakova, Jingying Yang, Henriette Cramer, Rumman Chowdhury, Where Responsible AI meets Reality: Practitioner Perspectives on Enablers for shifting Organizational Practices, CSCW 2021, pdf
  • For students: Henriette Cramer, Avriel Epps-Darling, Music, industry, and researching your own hidden curriculum. XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students 27 (3), 38-42. Link


  • [op-ed] Rumman Chowdhury, Bogdana Rakova, Henriette Cramer, Jinying Yang. Putting Responsible AI in Practice. MIT Sloan Media Review, Oct 22, 2020.
  • Avriel Epps, Romain Takeo Bouyer,  Henriette Cramer. Artist gender representation in music streaming, ISMIR 2020. Pdf.
  • Jenn Thom, Angela Nazarian, Ruth Brillman, Henriette Cramer, Sarah Mennicken. Play music: User motivations and expectations for non-specific voice queries, ISMIR 2020. Pdf.
  • Sam Way, Jean Garcia-Gathright, Henriette Cramer. Local Trends in Global Music Streaming. AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media. Vol. 14. ICWSM 2020. Article.
  • Avriel Epps-Darling, Romain Takeo Bouyer,  Henriette Cramer, Female Artist Representation In Music Streaming: A Comparative Analysis of Adolescents and Adults,  Poster SRA 2020. Canceled due to COVID-19.
  • Nik Martelaro, Sarah Mennicken, Jenn Thom, Henriette Cramer, Wendy Ju. Using Remote Controlled Speech Agents to Explore Music Experience in Context. DIS’20. Pdf
  • Dave Holtz, Ben Carterette, Praveen Chandar, Zahra Nazari, Henriette Cramer, Sinan Aral. The Engagement-Diversity Connection: Evidence from a Field Experiment. EC’20 Pdf
  • Ayman Farahat, Henriette Cramer, Jofish Kaye.  Empirical Evaluation Of Cost Of Annoying Ads.  INFORMS Marketing Science’20. Abstract


  • Henriette Cramer, Juho Kim, Confronting the tensions where UX meets AI; introducing a new ACM Interactions forum. ACM Interactions, Nov-Dec 2019.
  • Morteza Behrooz, Sarah Mennicken, Jennifer Thom, Rohit Kumar, Henriette Cramer, Augmenting Music Listening Experiences on Voice Assistants, ISMIR 2019, pdf
  • Minsu Park, Jennifer Thom, Sarah Mennicken, Henriette Cramer, Michael Macy, Global music streaming data reveal diurnal and seasonal patterns of affective preference. Nature Human Behavior, Jan 2019. Paper.
  • Henriette Cramer, Jean Garcia-Gathright, Sravana Reddy, Aaron Springer, Romain Takeo, Translation, tracks and data: algorithmic bias in practice. CHI’19 case studies. ACM library, pdf.
  • Henriette Cramer, Jenn Wortman-Vaughan, Kenneth Holstein, Hanna Wallach, Hal Daume, Miroslav Dudík, Sravana Reddy, Jean Garcia-Gathright. Algorithmic bias in practice, FAT*’19 Industry Translation Tutorial. Site & slides.


  • Henriette Cramer, Aaron Springer, Jean Garcia-Garthright, Sravana Reddy, Addressing & Assessing Algorithmic Bias in practice, ACM Interactions. Dec 2018. Online, print.
  • Aaron Springer, Henriette Cramer, “Play PRBLMS”: Identifying and Correcting Less Accessible Content in Voice Interfaces. CHI’18. pdf
  • Aaron Springer, Jean Garcia-Garthright, Henriette Cramer, Assessing and Addressing Algorithmic Bias – But Before We Get There.
    • Long version: UX of AI workshop ’18, pdf.
    • Short:  FATREC Workshop on Responsible Recommendation at RecSys’18
  • Nitesh Goyal, Marc Bron, Mounia Lalmas, Andy Haines, Henriette Cramer, Designing for mobile experience beyond the native ad click: Exploring landing page presentation style and media usage, Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 2018.


  • Henriette Cramer, Jenn Thom. Not so Autonomous, Very Human Decisions in Machine Learning. AAAI Spring Symposium on UX for ML: Designing the User Experience of Machine Learning Systems. pdf.
  • Henriette Cramer, Jenn Thom. Moving Parts surrounding Conversational UX. Position Paper CHI’17 Workshop on Conversational Interfaces.


  • Maia Jacobs, Henriette Cramer, Louise Barkhuus. Caring About Sharing: Couples’ Practices in Single User Device Access. GROUP’16.
  • Henriette Cramer, Joel Tetreault, Paloma de Juan, Sender-intended functions of emojis in US-based messaging. Note at MobileHCI’16. pdf
  • Henriette Cramer, Autonomous vehicles & Robotic Interactions with Place Position Paper, Position Paper Autonomous Vehicles Workshop at CHI’16. pdf
  • Henriette Cramer, Human & Building-Scale Interactions, Future of Human-Building Interaction Workshop at CHI’16. pdf


  • Henriette Cramer, Effects of ad quality & content-relevance on perceived content quality. Note at CHI’15 Honorable mention. pdf
  • Henriette Cramer, Maia Jacobs, Couples’ Communication Channels: What, When & Why? Note at CHI’15. pdf
  • Karen Church, Henriette Cramer. Requirements in Local Search. Poster at CHI’15
  • Mohamed Kafsi, Henriette Cramer, Bart Thomee, Ayman Shamma, Describing and Understanding Neighborhood characteristics through social media. Full paper at WWW’15 pdf
  • Katie O’Donnell, Henriette Cramer (2015) People’s Perceptions of Personalized ads. TargetAd workshop paper at WWW’15. pdf


  • Frank Bentley, Henriette Cramer, Jorg Müller (2014) Beyond the Bar: The places where location-based services are used in the city, Personal & Ubiquitous Computing, March 2014. Springer. DOI: 10.1007/s00779-014-0772-5. Author copy pdf
  • Daniele Quercia, Henriette Cramer, Neil O’Hare, Aesthetic Capital: What Makes London Look Beautiful, Quiet, and Happy. CSCW’14, Feb 2014, Baltimore, MD, USA. pdf
  • Paulo Gomes, Alberto Sardinha, Elena Marquez Segura, Henriette Cramer, Ana Paiva, Migration between two embodiments of an artificial pet. International Journal of Humanoid Robotics. Vol 11, 1, March 2014.


  • Mattias Jacobsson, Ylva Fernaeus, Henriette Cramer, Sara Ljungblad (2013) Crafting Against Robotic Fakelore: On the Critical Practice of ArtBot Artists, Alt.CHI at CHI’13, Paris, France. pdf
  • Henriette Cramer (2013) Understanding ‘there’ on a human scale, GeoHCI workshop at CHI’13, Paris, France. pdf
  • Mattias Rost, Louise Barkhuus, Henriette Cramer, Barry Brown (2013) Representation and communication: Challenges in interpreting large social media datasets. Proc CSCW’13. pdf Best paper nomination


  • Henriette Cramer, Karen Church, Neal Lathia, Daniele Quercia (2012) Personalizing the Local Mobile Experience. Workshop at RecSys 2012, Dublin, Ireland
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  • Henriette Cramer. Interaction & the built environment: some challenges. Ar-CHI-tecture Architecture and Interaction Workshop at CHI’12, Austin, Texas. pdf
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  • Matthias Keysermann, Sibylle Enz, Henriette Cramer, Ruth Aylett, Carsten Zoll, Patricia Vargas (2012) Can I trust you? Sharing information with artificial companions. Extended Abstract AAMAS’12, Bologna, Italy.
  • Mattias Rost, Henriette Cramer, Lars Erik Holmquist (2012, online 2011) Mobile exploration of geotagged photographs, J. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 16, 6, 665-676. pdf


  • Lars Erik Holmquist, Henriette Cramer, Mattias Rost, Zeynep Ahmet, Xia Ruixue, Mobile 2.0 – The Future of Mobile Apps: Mashing It Up and Getting It Out There!, Panel at SIGGRAPH Asia’s Symposium on Apps, Dec 14th, Hong Kong.
  • Sebastian Büttner, Zeynep Ahmet, Henriette Cramer. Awareness of QR codes in Stockholm, Sweden, SICS Technical Report T2011:12, ISSN 1100-3154. pdf
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..and before

  • Maarten van Someren, Niels Netten, Vanessa Evers, Henriette Cramer, Robert de Hoog, Guido Bruinsma (2005) A Trainable Information Distribution System to Support Crisis Management. Proceedings of the 2nd International ISCRAM Conference, Brussels, Belgium 2005. pdf
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