About me

I’m a research scientist at Yahoo in Sunnyvale, California.

My work revolves around better understanding of user needs and intent, to facilitate surfacing personalized & contextual content – while respecting user expectations in terms of transparency and social norms in the process  (i.e. understand user’s priorities and needs, don’t get in the way, be transparent and don’t embarrass). This includes the effects of interaction and service design on user behavior. My research specifically focuses on people’s reactions to systems that adapt/personalize themselves to users and their (social) context.

I combine quantitative, controlled and in-depth qualitative methods to understand both what behavior is happening, and the underlying reasons why.

My projects at Yahoo have focused on:

  • Perceptions of personalization and bridging the gap between implicit and explicit user feedback
  • Quantifying & overcoming tensions between (short-term) monetization and (long-term) user experience
  • User engagement metrics, determining ‘success’ & characteristics of large-scale user-generated data.
  • Mobile, anticipatory interactions

My past research revolves around mobile location-based services and people’s perceptions of their surroundings, ‘Research in the Large’: using wide distribution channels and existing services for research purposes, and people’s perceptions of applications and ‘things’ that use data around -or about- them to adapt and personalize themselves.

Before I joined Yahoo! in Nov 2012, I was a senior researcher and project leader at the Mobile Life Centre in Kista (Stockholm), Sweden where I led Mobile Life’s Mobile 2.0 project and activities of SICS within the European LIREC project on human-robot interaction.

Keywords: mobile interaction, personalization & context-adaptation, location-based services, urban informatics, instrumentation & data quality, services as design materials, interaction with (semi-) autonomous ‘things’, user control, trust and situated user experiences.

Introducing Phobot to Barbapapa

I have a PhD from the Human-Computer Studies lab at the University of Amsterdam (April 2010). My dissertation focused on user interaction with user-adaptive and semi-autonomous systems and involved user studies to gain more insight in user behaviour, social-affective reactions and trust. My studies involved interaction with personalised recommenders and information filters, mobile devices and human-robot interaction.

Program committees / juries

Conference Organizing Committees

Workshop Organizing Committees

Guest Editorship

Guest editor Int. Journal of Mobile HCI special issue on Research in the Large (2011)


  • Honorable mention CHI 2015 note for Henriette Cramer, “Effects of ad quality & content-relevance on perceived content quality”
  • Nomination for best paper award CSCW 2013 for Mattias Rost, Louise Barkhuus, Henriette Cramer, Barry Brown, “Representation and communication: Challenges in interpreting large social media datasets”
  • CHI 2009 best note award for Henriette Cramer, Vanessa Evers, Maarten van Someren, Bob Wielinga, “Awareness, Training and Trust in Interaction with Adaptive Spam Filters”
  • 2008 James Chen Annual Award for Best UMUAI Paper for Henriette Cramer, Vanessa Evers, Maarten van Someren, Satyan Ramlal, Lloyd Rutledge, Natalia Stash, Lora Aroyo, Bob Wielinga, “The effects of transparency on trust and acceptance in interaction with a content-based art recommender”
  • Human-Robot Interaction 2008 Student Design Competition Award for Phobot, the Phobic Lego robot

And if you made it all the way here, and still want more details, you’ll find my research CV here