I’m Henriette, the lab lead of Spotify Research’s #Hai human side of Machine Learning team. My team’s work has focused on voice interactions, and more generally, the data and design (non-)decisions that affect Machine Learning outcomes. I also road manage Spotify’s algorithmic bias effort.

My research in general revolves around people’s interaction with systems and ‘autonomous things’ that learn, adapt and proactively try to predict people’s behavior. I combine quantitative, large-scale data science and qualitative, in-depth research methods to understand both what is happening, and the underlying reasons why.

Prior to Spotify, I worked at Yahoo on user engagement and metrics. Applications included search and conversational interactions, increasing ad and homepage news recommendation quality, and personalized mobile interactions.

Before moving to the US, I was a senior researcher and project lead at the Mobile Life Centre in Kista (Stockholm), Sweden where I led Mobile Life’s Mobile 2.0 project and activities of SICS within the European LIREC project on human-robot interaction. Research themes revolved around mobile location-based services and people’s perceptions of their surroundings, ‘Research in the Large’: using wide distribution channels and existing services for research purposes, and people’s perceptions of applications and things that use data around -or about- them.

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My PhD from the University of Amsterdam (2010) focused on user interaction with user-adaptive and semi-autonomous systems, trust and the feedback loop between people’s and systems’ perceived behavior. My studies involved interaction with personalized recommenders, information filters, ’empathic’ mobile devices and human-robot interaction.


I’m occasionally available for guest lectures on human decisions in algorithmic settings, and have been a speaker at for example Stanford, MIT, Cornell Tech, CCA, as well as IBM, Netflix, and Crowdflower events. More formally, I’ve been a studio instructor on ‘autonomous things’ in Stanford’s Winter 2016 CS 247 HCI design studio, and taught research methods and applied knowledge systems at the University of Amsterdam.

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