About Henriette Cramer

I lead Spotify’s algorithmic responsibility effort, focused on avoiding algorithmic harms, and supporting the data and design decisions that affect algorithmic or Machine Learning outcomes.

My work revolves around people’s interaction with systems and ‘autonomous things’ that learn, adapt and proactively try to predict people’s behavior in both product and research settings. I previously set up Spotify Research’s #Hai human side of Machine Learning team, and worked on research for Spotify’s voice platform.

Prior to Spotify, I worked at Yahoo on user engagement metrics. I led research for Yahoo’s conversational bot platform, ad feedback moderation feature, and increasing quality of search, ad, and news recommendation.

Before moving to the US, I was a researcher and project lead at the Mobile Life Centre in Kista (Stockholm), Sweden where I led Mobile Life’s Mobile 2.0 project and SICS’ design research for the European LIREC human-robot interaction project. Research themes revolved around mobile location-based services and people’s perceptions of their surroundings, ‘Research in the Large’: using wide distribution channels and existing services for research purposes, and people’s perceptions of applications and things that use data around -or about- them.

Introducing Phobot to Barbapapa

My PhD from the University of Amsterdam (2010) focused on user trust in user-adaptive and semi-autonomous systems, and the feedback loop between people’s and systems’ perceived behavior. My studies involved interaction with personalized recommenders, information filters, ’empathic’ mobile devices and human-robot interaction.