Recently presented & published

  • Mohamed Kafsi, Henriette Cramer, Bart Thomee, Ayman Shamma. Neighborhood characteristics through social media. Full paper WWW’15. (14.1% acceptance rate, brutal!). We present a Geographic Hierarchical Model that helps decide whether social media content is not just local, but also locally descriptive. We validate and apply the model using flickr data and distinguish between neighborhood, city and country-level content, and discuss people’s reasoning in whether content is (not) locally descriptive. pdf
  • Katie O’Donnell, Henriette Cramer. People’s Perceptions of Personalized Ads, TargetAd workshop at WWW’15. Survey & interviews looking into which personalized ads are (not) appreciated, as well as people’s concerns surrounding advertising content. Life events, deals as well as (teen) considerations of matching style and what is inspirational rather than ‘in the way’. pdf
  • Henriette Cramer, Effects of ad quality & content-relevance on perceived content quality. Note CHI’15 (with honorable mention). Evaluating ads for quality in isolation of their publishing context has its limitations. This study shows that the distinction between ads and content is crucial in perceptions of site quality, going beyond quality of ads themselves. pdf
  • Henriette Cramer, Maia Jacobs, Couples’ Communication Channels: What, When & Why? Note CHI’15. Couple’s don’t stick to just one communication channels, they pick and choose. Household coordination, playful expression, relationship upkeep and enjoying the emotional reaction of the other to your messages all play a role. Channel choice is not necessarily an all-or-nothing game, and using multiple channels can add meaning. Pdf. Georgia Tech news here.

Especially great to have the work with past interns Mohamed, Maia and Katie out there. Thanks for working with us!

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