Het Klokhuis, one of my favorite tv-shows when I was a kid, aired a segment two days ago where I’m explaining social & affective robotics ‘for 8-year olds’. I’m talking for at least 5 secs around 3/4 into the show 😉

Show in Dutch, segment ‘Robots vs. the rest’, recorded late 2009.
lego bot shout out to Anne Zwijnenburg, Nicander Kemper & Ork de Rooij.


4 thoughts on “Klokhuis

  1. oh! that’s so exciting. i know how you must feel. I remember when it looked like I was going to be on the British equivalent… and then they cancelled the whole show after twenty years two weeks later. Sigh.

  2. It was indeed awesome to get the email to be on it; my 8yr old self was very, very impressed 😉 It was in October last year though, it did take a while for it to show up.
    Were you supposed to on Blue Peter or something?

  3. *waves.happily*

    awesome !! in the same way they played a bit of [law-rah] on NL2 during a TV program about the resistance in indonesia. i think the buma money will add up to a whopping 30 cents for that, but … i made my parents proud 😉

  4. Hello Henriette!

    Though short, those were a very nice 5 seconds of fame! Too bad it takes so long before they air it.


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