Preparing & packing: CHI’10

Next week I’ll be in Atlanta for CHI. Come & say hi!

I’m presenting a note on Wednesday at 9.15:

Henriette Cramer, Vanessa Evers, Tim van Slooten, Mattijs Ghijsen, Bob Wielinga (2010) Trying Too Hard? Effects of Mobile Agents’ (Inappropriate) Social Expressiveness on Trust, Affect and Compliance

The note deals with the effects of potentially awkward social behaviour from mobile agents. Being social and empathic in user dialogues might help interaction with autonomous agents and mobile services, but there are serious consequences when you get it wrong… our note provides an example study. Come learn from our mistakes and ponder whether we always should strive for more social expressiveness.

I will also be participating in the Social Connectedness workshop:

Henriette Cramer, Nicolas Belloni, Mattias Rost (2010), On not being a stranger. Making sense of the sociable media landscape. (Workshop papers here).

And don’t forget the Nordic Party: The Finnish-Swedish CHI reception on Tuesday, 8pm, Max Lager’s (320 Peachtree Street, corner of Peachtree & West Peachtree, one block north of the Hyatt Regency). It’s the night before my early morning presentation, which, interestingly enough, will be in room Han(g)over. Come show us what you’re made of.

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