Next week’s events

The Phobot team has been asked to present our bot at the ‘Happy Chaos’ event on technology trends on Saturday the 24th of May. Happy Chaos apparently consists of young Vrij Nederland journalists and students who organise events mixing debates on current events with parties. We’ll demo Phobot and I’ll also be talking a bit about current trends in Human-Computer Interaction, such as affective computing, persuasive technologies and social & affective robots. It’s going to be quite interesting introducing a probably very mixed audience to this type of research.

Next week’s Thursday (the 22th of May) I’ll also be visiting ‘The Web and Beyond’, the two-yearly event organised by CHI Netherlands, the Dutch chapter of the ACM’s special interest group on human-computer interaction. Focus at the CHI NL events appears to have shifted a bit since first time I visited one of them. In ’05 I presented at a dedicated Doctoral Consortium (NB: at a different CHI.NL conference series though), while there’s a lot less attention for academia at the Web and Beyond now. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing though. There are quite some events available ‘for us’ and I actually quite like hearing more about commercial&practical developments. We need to leave our academic ivory towers every once in a while, right? Hope to see you there!