Just published: functions of šŸ˜€ in messaging.

If you’re processing user-generatedĀ datasets, you better understand the language that people use to communicate with each other – and that includes emojis. This MobileHCI’16 paper, aĀ collaboration with fabulous natural language processing ex-colleagues at Yahoo, Paloma de Juan Ā and Joel Tetreault, outlines the variety of meanings and sentiment that emojis are meant to express. Beyond the variety of meanings, different linguistic functions, andĀ combinations with text, we also discuss some of the pragmatic Unicode support issues. Happy texting and happy processing!

Paper:Ā Henriette Cramer, Paloma de Juan, Joel Tetreault. Sender-intended functions of emojis in US-based messaging. MobileHCI’16, Florence, Italy, Sept 2016.Ā  Full pdf here