Henriette Cramer

I am the Head of Algorithmic Impact, and a Director of Research at Spotify. My team’s work revolves around understanding the impact of data and machine learning decisions, focused on music and podcast recommendations. This includes translating abstract calls to action into practical tooling, concrete interventions to avoid algorithmic harms, as well as data-informed product direction.

I combine organizational work with research that uses both quantitative, large-scale data approaches and in-depth, qualitative research to understand both what is happening and why. I am particularly interested in the effect that organizational and product decisions have on algorithmic outcomes. This includes the feedback loop between products and their users, the gap between people’s experiences and machines’ data interpretation, and creating the organizational and operational infrastructure to assess and affect impact.

My prior work has spanned research for voice and conversational platforms, quality of personalized recommendations, (ad) moderation, location data interpretation, and human-robot interaction. I hold multiple patents, and have published and presented at top venues and companies.