Henriette Cramer

Henriette is Spotify’s Head of Algorithmic Impact, and Director in the Trust & Safety team. Her work is focused on the safety of data and machine learning decisions, and potential algorithmic risks in recommendation and content moderation. This includes translating abstract calls to action into concrete organizational structure and tooling, as well as data-informed product direction.

Her prior product and research work has spanned voice and conversational platforms, quality of personalized recommendations and advertising, content moderation, location data, and human-robot interaction. She combines organizational work with quantitative, large-scale data and in-depth, qualitative research to understand both what is happening – and why. This includes the feedback loop between products and their users, the gap between people’s experiences and machine data, and how to create and iterate organizational infrastructure to ensure consistent data and scaled execution.

Beyond product impact, her work has resulted in multiple awards, 10 patent filings. She is a well-cited expert with 60+ publications and holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam on people’s interaction with systems that learn.